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“Aqua-release” steam clean ovens – how does it work?

Modena Appliances are proud to be one of the first manufacturers to introduce steam clean ovens to the Australian market. Steam clean enamel is a major breakthrough in the enameling process and is expected to become the industry standard over the next few years.

The development of steam cleaning ovens has been driven by the US market’s aversion to Teflon based coatings in high temperature cooking due to the possible release of carcinogens from the Teflon.

Cumulative build up of food acids on enamel oven walls during cooking makes the cleaning process difficult. Caramelisation of sugary and oily foods is the hardest to clean and is fairly common. For this reason we recommend very regular steam cleaning – just as you would clean your saucepans after each use.

The steam cleaning process does not require high energy consumption (unlike pyrolitic ovens) nor highly caustic, environmentally unsound cleaners needed for standard enamel ovens. Steam clean enamel is hard and durable, applied as a second enamel coat over the base coat, in a solid mid-grey colour.

To use the steam clean function the oven must be cold. Steam generated by the cleaning process needs time to penetrate between the enamel and the food spills or residual food acids. A hot oven evaporates the steam and prevents the process from working. For best results, a bowl of water should be placed in the oven and steamed at about 100 degrees for 30 minutes. After this, once the oven has cooled sufficiently to allow handling, wipe down all surfaces of the oven liner with a soft cloth or paper towel.

The top element in the oven is a drop down element to make it easy to clean the roof. Should any baked on food stains remain in the oven we recommend the spot application of “Cerapol” polish, a proprietary brand of polish for ceramic glass cook tops available from most supermarkets and hardware stores.

For more information about how you could have one of these amazing low maintenance appliances in your home, contact our sales team and find out more.

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