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What’s the difference between induction and ceramic cook tops?

The principal difference is the method of heat generation. Ceramic glass hobs transmit heat by radiation and convection whilst induction hobs work by inducing a magnetic field in the food contained within the metal vessel above the plate.

So the plate is never hot to touch, all the heat is in the vessel- no burnt fingers!

Where are the products made?

We source product from Italy (ovens, hobs, cooker hoods, tapware), Holland (sinks), Greece (sinks) and China (sinks, tapware, porcelain).

Are they good quality?

We strive to supply products of a consistently high quality. This is why we source appliances from Italy, a country known for producing appliances of exceptionally high quality.

What’s the warranty on products?

Appliances carry a 2 year year warranty with an additional 2 year extension available. Ceramic disc tap ware carries a 5 year warranty on the ceramic cartridge itself, with 1 year warranty on the other components.

Do you provide after sales service?

Yes, we provide service on all products we sell. Speak to our staff about service when you’re discussing your order.

Is your tapware certified with ‘Watermark’? What exactly is The Watermark?

Yes, all our tapware products carry "Watermark" registration.

The Watermark is a certification trademark used in relation to water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage goods. Australian consumers can be confident about the quality of plumbing products and draining products certified with the Watermark. Watermark certified goods comply with present regulatory position and meet required specifications and standards.

Do sinks come both left and right-handed?

All our sink models are available right and left handed. In most cases we punch each sink to requirements, so you can design your kitchen and we’ll make the sink suit your needs.

Do your ovens have a grill feature?

Yes, all ovens (except the F3203) have closed door, full width, fan assisted grilling. Our F3203 model offers a static grill feature.

Do your products have water savings features?

Yes, all tap and shower products are water rated to the most recent Australian standards.

How does the 'steam clean' process work?

Discover everything you need to know about amazing ‘steam cleaning’ ovens in our article library.

How quickly can products be delivered?

We stock all products in our Canberra warehouse ready for immediate delivery.

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